Our Story

We are a First-Generation Family Bee Farm

Established in 2012, Honey Bee Friendly was born out of an curiosity for honeybees that soon turned into a passion for beekeeping. We live for serving our customers with the highest quality hive products. At Honey Bee Friendly it is our duty to know our bees, ensuring every hive is healthy and functioning naturally at maximum capacity. While honing our trade for an age-old craft as beekeepers we’re committed to advocating for pollinators at large.

Our Bees Love to Travel

Migratory beekeeping is how we chase regional honey blooms by taking advantage of different climates that benefit our bees’ health while also boosting productivity. Our goal in selecting migratory yards is to choose areas that bio-diverse to give our bees the highest variety in food sources. Migration allows our hard-working girls to forage and produce honey all year round!

Every fall, we migrate south, and our bees enjoy thousands of acres of South Carolina conservation land through the winter months. After the South Carolina spring bloom, we move back north to our home region. York, Adams, Cumberland, and Perry counties in Pennsylvania are home to our bee operation. In late spring, when our home regional production has rounded out, we turn our focus to Southern Virginia. Here, Sourwood Trees are abundant and with their 4-6 week bloom period comes world renowned honey. By mid-summer our focus turns north in search of large tracks of fallow wildflower meadows to help offset artificial feeding that is common in this industry before fall.