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Chili Pepper Honey

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Find Out Why We’re The Bees Knees

We take pride in our delicious craft honey, our Beeswax wellness products and most importantly, the health of our hives.

Raw Honey

Our classic and most versatile honey, honeycombs and bee pollen that are perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Creamed honey

Our local wildflower honey is whipped into a smooth and creamy perfection to use for toast or as a dip for munchies.

Infused Honey

We infuse our delicious honey with just the right amount of herbs, zests and blossoms to wow your tastebuds.


Our beeswax beauty products use natural ingredients to soothe your skin with lovely lip balms and salves.

Our mission

From our local, family-owned business, our mission is to inspire sustainable living through connecting people to real food and practical products.

We look forward to sharing our passion for honey with you!

Bee Blog

Honey News and Bee Business

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